Well-Vision Exams

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Premier Well-Vision Exams in Dakota Dunes, SD

The Importance of Well-Vision Exams

Routine well-vision exams are critical to vision health. A well-vision exam is a comprehensive evaluation of your eyes and vision health that can identify eye diseases in their early stages when they're most treatable. At Dunes Eye Consultants in Dakota Dunes, SD, we use advanced technology to measure your sight, near and far, as well as peripheral vision and depth of field. Our eye doctors use well-vision exams to evaluate your overall eye health. During these exams, our eye doctors may dilate your eyes, so that they can look for signs of eye disease or other conditions that could impair vision or health over time. Call to schedule your vision exam today.


Why is it Important to Get Your Eyes Tested?

It is imperative to get your eyes checked annually if you wish to maintain the health of your eyes and vision. Eye vision exams can help catch any eye problem before it progresses, giving you the best chance to correct any issue. Getting these exams regularly is your number one defense against eye diseases and various conditions that can cause your eye to deteriorate over time. Many eye diseases present little to no detectable symptoms, further affirming the importance of regularly getting your eyes checked.


Vision Screenings Vs. Eye Exams

Many people assume that a vision screening is the same thing as a comprehensive eye exam, but this is not the case. While a vision screening is a basic eye test that can help identify vision-related problems, it does not check for any underlying problems, such as eye diseases. A vision screening can indicate if a patient needs a comprehensive eye exam. A comprehensive eye exam is performed by an eye doctor and examines all vision-related aspects.


What to Expect From a Well-Vision Exam

Whether you’ve had a dozen well-vision exams, or you’ve just scheduled your first, it’s always good to know what to expect. While well-vision exams can vary depending on your age and unique needs, they will most likely include the following:

  • Visual Acuity Test
  • Color Blindness Test
  • Cover Test
  • Eye Movement Test
  • Glaucoma Test
  • Slit-Lamp Exam


How Often Should One Have a Comprehensive Eye Exam?

We recommend patients undergo a comprehensive eye exam at least once a year. With annual exams, we'll be able to stay on top of your eye health easily, and any changes won’t go long without detection. As you age, regular visits and comprehensive eye exams will become even more critical. If you have existing vision problems or eye health issues, we recommend more frequent visits. The same goes if you regularly wear contact lenses. More frequent exams can help ensure your corneas remain healthy. Dunes Eye Consultants recommends children have their first comprehensive eye exam by the time they're six months old. This will help identify potential problems that occur soon after birth.


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Our dedicated team of optical specialists works diligently to ensure your vision health is at its best. We appreciate the time you’ve set aside in your busy schedule to address your visual health with our eye doctors, and we promise we will make the most of it. Optical visits with us are quick and easy, helping save you precious time during your day. When you call or visit us, our friendly front desk coordinator will guide you through the intake process or greet you with a smile. Dunes Eye Consultants offers free consultations to first-time patients. Choose us for your eye care needs.