Specialty Eyewear

You Don’t Have One Pair of Shoes … You Should Have More Than One Pair of Glasses


Whether it’s an active lifestyle, a job or just reading and working on a digital device, there are times when specialty eyewear can add extra protection, prevent injury and improve vision.


Sports eyewear is constructed with stronger materials and impact resistant lenses and designed to stay in place during various activities. Polarized lenses will increase clarity outdoors, and UV protection is important to counter damage caused by the sun.


With or without a prescription, safety glasses are designed for protection at work or home when completing tasks that can pose a risk to your eyes or vision.


Neurovision symptoms, including headaches, dizziness, tired eyes and even double words or sentences can be treated with specialty lenses. Treatment with neurolenses® can address fixation misalignment of the eyes, reducing the frequency and severity of symptoms, including migraines while other specialty lenses can correct color and reading deficiencies.


As we age, a condition called presbyopia can cause vision to weaken. Reading glasses worn for reading or close-up work can correct this problem, while bifocal or multifocal lenses can correct for presbyopia as well as correct for distance vision with the same pair of glasses.


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