Age-Related Vision Loss Treatment in Dakota Dunes, SD

VuityTM is an FDA-approved once-daily prescription drop that treats presbyopia in adults. It works by adjusting the pupil size to help patients see up close. The drops are safe for contact wearers and patients currently using other prescription drops.

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Dunes Eye Consultants launched the NuView Presbyopia Specialty Clinic to help patients restore near vision.


Age-related vision loss – or presbyopia – is a condition that usually affects patients in their mid to late thirties. The condition, which is also known as blurry near vision, gradually affects the ability to see things close up without the aid of a treatment device like bifocals or reading glasses.


Presbyopia is an age-related vision condition that reduces the ability of your eyes to focus on near objects. The lenses in your eyes lose flexibility, and it becomes difficult to see small print or focus on close-up tasks. This condition affects nearly everyone.


Symptoms include:

  • Holding items farther away to clearly read
  • Blurry or inconsistent vision at a normal reading distance
  • Difficulty reading in dim or low light
  • Headaches or eye strain when reading or doing up-close work


Presbyopia is a natural part of aging. Frequently, patients suffering from age-related vision loss are prescribed bifocals or use reading glasses, sometimes called cheaters. Often patients find bifocals heavy or difficult to adjust to, and those who rely on cheaters can’t find them when needed.


Dunes Eye Consultants’ NuView Specialty Clinic provides convenient solutions to age-related vision loss without additional treatment aids, including:

  • FDA-approved prescription drops – Once-daily drops that adjust the pupil size to help patients see up close.
  • Multifocal contact lenses – Contacts that provide clear vision at all distances without the loss of depth perception.
  • Bifocals and trifocals – Specialized lenses provide two or three powers of correction for far viewing, computer and reading.
  • Progressive lenses – Lenses with all powers of correction without lines, easing transition from far to near.
  • Blended vision: Contacts / Refractory surgery (LASIK) – The need for glasses and other treatment aids is reduced by correcting for distance vision in one eye and near vision in the other. This can be accomplished with either contacts or LASIK.
  • Implant Surgery (Light-adjustable and blended vision / multifocal or extended depth of focus lens implants):  A lens is implanted in the eye replacing the natural lens to correct vision at all distances. The light adjustable lens is a surgical option for patients that require the potential for correction to be adjusted and locked in after surgery to blend vision.


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