Headache Management Center in Dakota Dunes, SD

Migraine Sufferers Get Back to Life

90% of patients experiencing a migraine attack cannot function normally. The Headache Management Center at Dunes Eye Consultants has changed lives, reducing and eliminating the need for pills, shots and other treatments used to mask migraine and chronic headache symptoms.


Drs. Ferguson and O’Neal have improved the lives of countless patients through specialized Sightsync® testing and neurolens® treatment, allowing a more predictable day—to-day routine.


Breakthrough science has recognized the role fixation-misalignment of the eyes plays in overstimulation of nerves in the brain. When the brain doesn’t compensate for this abnormality, neurovision symptom can develop. These include headaches ranging from daily, chronic headaches to severe, debilitating migraines.


Classic neurovision symptoms include:

  •  Migraine or migraine-type headaches
  •  Neck pain
  •  Light sensitivity
  •  Dizziness and imbalance
  •  Eye fatigue
  •  Dry eye symptoms
  •  Body fatigue


Sightsync testing quickly identifies and measures this misalignment and how your eyes are compensating. With this new clinical insight, the doctors can prescribe neurolenses custom-measured to specifically correct your misalignment.


With neurolens treatment, many patients experience instant results and relief.


Proper eye alignment is crucial to your health. Patients suffer when traditional vision care methods do not solve the symptoms related to eye misalignment. To learn how neurolens treatment can help lessen the severity and frequency of headaches and reduce dependency on medications that mask symptoms, schedule your evaluation today.